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October 03, 2012

Social Drinking [INFOGRAPHIC]

GMR has a long history of executing within the nightlife scene: 30+ years, 12+ alcohol brands, 137,000+ on-premise events, not to mention sampling and brand engagement at off-premise fairs and festivals.

But “nightlife” is not a catchall. People are complex. Trends and perceptions are ever evolving. And in the case of alcoholic beverages, it’s not just taste that drives purchase decisions. Even within a given demographic, there’s a wealth of diversity in consumers’ attitudes, motivations, and priorities.

As with any brand or product, the key to successful engagement marketing is understanding the nuance of how the brand fits into different consumers’ lives. So for our latest infographic, GMR’s Insights and Analytics team led us deep into the who, where, when, and why of social drinking.

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