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February 27, 2013

Culture and Creativity: Live Sculpture Edition

Creativity isn’t a hat you just put on when an RFP comes around. Or, it shouldn’t be. It’s a perspective, it’s a practice, and it’s a culture.

Much of our work as an agency is rooted in creativity. Of course it’s present in our creative department. And it’s essential to good strategic consulting and even to operations. Stepping outside tradition and predictability to see problems (or opportunities) in a new way often leads to incredibly effective and profitable changes.

Photo credit: CJ Foeckler

But creativity also matters for its own very human sake. Every business is, after all, made up of lots of people. It’s healthy, enriching, and straight up fun to be in a creative environment. In GMR’s 35+ years as an agency, our leadership has been adamant that growth and success not shift our culture away from its creative roots.

So, we practice creativity. We encourage it. We celebrate it. And we make a point to keep things fresh.

This past week, that came in the form of live sculpture. Sculptor Skye Ferrante set up shop in the lobby of our HQ to turn a single piece of aluminum wire into a guitar. We live streamed the entire thing to the rest of our offices, and the local news even stopped by to see what we were up to. It turned out great.

Think of it as a wheatgrass shot for the creative spirit, and just one part of what makes our culture uniquely ours. It trickles into both the work we do and the lives we live. Plus as they say, “Do what you love.” And we love this stuff.

Photo credit: CJ Foeckler
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