Diversity + Equity + Inclusion


Our workplace is for ALL. We seek a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives so we can create memories that matter for everyone. We strive for equity by meeting people where they are, eliminating barriers and building on their unique talents so we can maximize everyone’s contribution. We seek to recognize, grow and unleash the perspective and possibility of each individual on our team. Together, we’re on a powerful journey.

  •        Uphold DEI as our operating system (it is everything we do)
  •        Hold ourselves accountable (always)
  •        Make room for mistakes (knowing our intentions are good)
  •        Acknowledge discomfort (and move forward anyway with passionate and courageous dialogue)
  •        Maintain one goal with a flexible path (we won’t always agree)
  •        Strive to be an industry leader (be the change we expect to see)
  •        Lead with respect and kindness (they are non-negotiable)
  •        Never be neutral (on inequity or human rights)
  •        Focus on impact (not intent)
  •        Let’s go (progress over perfection)

We believe Black Lives Matter

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GMR employees can get involved in the agency culture based on their interests and passions—current focus areas include women in leadership, cultural celebrations, community + philanthropy, health + wellness, and employee engagement.

DEI layers into all of these things, and beyond them. DEI isn’t a club. It’s not a group. It’s an agency-wide movement that applies to everything we do and everything we are—our Culture, our Work and our Workforce. Everyone is responsible for furthering DEI both in the work they create and how they work together to make it happen.

Anchor programming:

  • Employee Resource Groups – Our ERGs include GLOW (growth, leadership & opportunities for woman), Allied (our diversity equity and inclusion group) and our Health + Wellness group, among others
  • Unconscious Bias Training – Breaking Bias workshop for all employees and progressive-level bias curriculum for all managers and leaders
  • Employee Voices – Storytellers videos and spotlights to highlight employee stories and increase connection and empathy across perspectives
  • Relationship Building – Coffee Conversations series to build personal relationships across function, level and role
  • Celebration Calendar – Includes (but not limited to) Black History Month, International Women’s Day, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Pride, and Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Offices Closed for Reflection – Formal observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Juneteenth
  • Recruitment + Advancement – Auditing and evolving processes to help increase underrepresented groups in leadership positions (both new hires and promotions) to increase diversity of thought and improve output for our clients
  • Supplier Diversity – Strengthening minority- and women-owned businesses that support the marketing industry
  • Employee Resources – educational content such as articles and podcasts, industry opportunities for education and connection, and informational communication about what’s happening in the country, our industry and our agency

Flexible programming:

  • Discussion groups
  • Speakers, panels and AMAs
  • Community partnerships
  • Volunteering
  • Pro bono projects

DEI Leadership

DEI Leadership

DEI at GMR began years ago as a scrappy, grassroots initiative driven by passionate employees who knew that our strength lies in our differences. Today DEI is recognized as a foundational strategic priority across the entire agency, with multiple levels of leadership and accountability:

  • Aliah Berman, Chief Diversity Officer, provides strategic and organizational guidance across all agency DEI initiatives, counsels executive leadership on critical cultural issues, and lights fires where fires need to be lit.
  • Executive DEI Council — Responsible for ensuring DEI work is prioritized and resourced, and that all leaders (including each other) are held accountable for both supporting and participating in the work.
    • 2020 EDEIC includes: CEO, President, Chief Financial + Business Operations Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Creative Officer, Chief Client Officer, Chief Legal Officer, SVP of Talent, and SVP of Finance.
  • Representation Advisory Committee – A cross-functional, cross-level team of agency influencers and thought leaders who inform, inspire, challenge, and ensure continuity across cultural and educational programming.

These are the folks who formally and informally lead our DEI efforts—but the commitment and engagement of our employee base is what fuels the fire. Our people are passionate learners, listeners, and doers and DEI wouldn’t be possible without the support and day-to-day leadership of the agency as a whole.


GMR Storytellers is all about celebrating the diversity of amazing people who make up GMR’s global family. It’s the stories of who we are beyond the work we do. Identity, family, friends, passions and formative experiences. It’s what makes you, you.


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Black Lives Matter

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