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How to Pick the Right Digital Extensions for Your Events

I recently had the pleasure of presenting at the 5th annual EventTech conference in Las Vegas, which drew marketers from around the world to discuss the ever-changing landscape of event marketing and event technologies.

The sheer number of platforms, apps, sites and cool new gadgets out there has brand marketers facing a double edged sword—the possibilities are endless, but they can also be overwhelming.

That’s why it’s imperative that brands, marketers and event teams put their limited time and resources to good use, prioritizing event technology that builds the brand and is cohesive with the event strategy and guest experience.

Here are 3 simple things you can do to ensure you’re picking the right digital extensions for your brand’s events.


1) DON'T start with “What’s cool and new right now?”

What’s new and innovative today quickly becomes normal. Depending on the length of your event—and the shelf life you’re hoping it will have online—the most new-fangled technology may be outdated before the campaign wraps.

Plus, just because something is new doesn’t mean your consumers will care about it OR that it will add value to your event. Which leads us to…


2) DO ask if your tech adds value for your audience

Use technology for the sake of the experience, not for its own sake. We’ve all been to those events with flashy digital extensions that probably cost a lot of money but don’t do much for the brand. If anything, a poorly-strategized digital extension actually distracts from the experience.

People don’t want to interact with something just because it’s there—they want to interact with it makes their day that much better.


3) Filter to ensure your tech makes functional sense

Make sure you’re considering attributes like:

  • Scale – The size, breadth, depth and relevance of your digital extension should be appropriate to the event in order to gain maximum impact.
  • Novelty – Combining digital technology with your event in novel, interesting or unique ways will make it more memorable to attendees. (But remember—no new shiny gadgets just because.)
  • Personalization – Digital and social media allow for more personalization than ever before, and selfies are popular for a reason. Don’t miss this opportunity to provide direct value to the attendee.
  • Amplification – Even if your event tech clears every filter for the experience within your footprint, it still needs to extend beyond the event itself through effective sharing.

Remember that people retain about 20% of what they read and hear, 40% of what they observe and a full 90% percent of what they experience—so use technology with this in mind.

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