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Holiday Shopping = Brand Opportunity

Tapping the potential of experiential at retail

The traditional retail methods of driving awareness and offering price relief are no doubt crucial during the holiday season. But brands that fail to simultaneously offer longer-term value are missing a chance to leave a lasting impression on consumers. Incorporating experiential into retail demonstrates to shoppers that you understand their needs—beyond discounts.

Content + conversation
Enhance the retail experience through on-site entertainment, personalized gift selection assistance and product demonstrations…seeing is believing!

Customer appreciation
A little goes a long way. Recognize that shoppers have a lot of choices and that the holidays are part of a larger consumer-brand relationship. So, show your customers that you care—reward them for their time and loyalty.

Comfort + joy
Holiday shopping is not for the faint of heart. Make your consumers’ lives better: hand them a warm beverage, treat them to a quick chair massage, or surprise them with a gift for themselves that they never would expect, but secretly want.

Make an impression this holiday shopping season.

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Short-term volume is important—but the holidays present an opportunity to build brand meaning and affinity with consumers.

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As experiential pioneers, GMR’s rich case history spans all points of the ever-evolving consumer journey, with retail-relevant specialties ranging from sampling and retail demos to promotions, AR/VR experiences and even pop-up shops.

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