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Future-Proofing the Sports Fan Experience

Painted faces. Primal screams. Houses divided. Images of tribalism and competition in sports are strong. So, when GMR visited live events across the U.S. to research why people attend, our hypothesis was that fans attend sporting events to revel in the camaraderie, the shared passions, the us vs. them. That team loyalty and tribalism rule all.

But it’s not that simple.

The primary drivers of attendance at sporting events are far more complex than they seem on the surface. And the factors that motivate younger fans? A far cry from what drove their parents and grandparents to the game. 

After speaking to 2,000 research participants, our hypothesis was turned upside down. It doesn’t matter how packed the stadium is with team colors and hometown chants—tribalism is not the primary driver of attendance at sporting events. 

Using the framework we defined in our Experiential EQ research, we were able to identify the underlying reasons that fans are drawn to live sports. Our report, Future-Proofing the Sports Fan Experience, will help you understand why fans attend live sports—and how younger fans are changing the game.

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