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Gary M. Reynolds: Wisconsin Advertising Hall of Fame

Official induction text follows: Gary Reynolds founded GMR Marketing in 1979 with an idea to build brands at the grassroots level by leveraging consumers’ interest in local and emerging music.

The idea became a reality when Miller Brewing Company hired Gary to create the Miller Band Network which was an instant success and subsequently ran for the next 18 years. Gary’s ability to navigate the music industry on behalf of brands positioned GMR as the go-to agency for marketers wanting to capitalize on music opportunities.

Today, GMR is an industry-leading agency producing work for brands that range from grassroots programs to negotiating landmark music deals. He never misses an opportunity to roll up his sleeves and venture into new territory. Propelled by his vision to unite brands and consumers through emotional connectors like music, Gary led GMR to pioneer and formalize a new form of marketing, now known as experiential marketing, to engage consumers by appealing to their lifestyle passions. For more than two decades, GMR has led the experiential marketing industry receiving many accolades for its contemporary approach to consumer engagement. GMR’s success in music and lifestyle marketing naturally led Gary to push the agency into the sports marketing segment. Gary’s efforts paid off as GMR’s focus on authentic brand experiences propelled the agency’s growth and elevated its reputation for innovative sports marketing partnership strategies and fresh activation campaigns. Under Gary’s leadership, GMR marketing has grown to more than 850+ employees and 16 offices in 9 countries servicing a diverse group of clients who market many of the worlds’ most admired brands. Gary’s commitment to inventive marketing solutions and execution excellence has earned GMR award winning recognition. Gary sold GMR in 1997 to Omnicom to become a cornerstone of the holding company’s integrated marketing service offering. Gary is Chairman of GMR Marketing. He never misses an opportunity to roll up his sleeves and venture into new territory. Congratulations, Gary, from the entire GMR family.

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