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Krista Hansen Named United Adworkers President

GMR's executive creative director looks to inspire + educate

We’re excited to announce that GMR’s executive creative director Krista Hansen will be the new United Adworkers President for the 2019/2020 term. As the first female president in the club’s 17-year history, Krista’s leadership comes at a turning point for the club and the industry.

With change on the horizon, Krista is looking to transform the club into an industry leader by bringing together the strongest industry experts to inspire and inform. While maintaining the social side of Adworkers, Krista plans to build new avenues of mentorship, to inspire change and educate the community.

“Reflecting on the remarkable 2018 board and hundreds of invested members, it’s easy to see what we’ve accomplished. Equally, this reflection allows us to uncover new opportunities,” said Hansen. “We have an incredible club. One that’s acknowledged across the country. Now that is something worth investing in.”

United Adworkers has 600+ members with thousands of years of collective experience. The club is Milwaukee’s very own fellowship of advertising enthusiasts. Their mission is to help advertising talent succeed in the industry, whether they’re developing, transitioning or transplanting. 



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