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Meet the YFF

Young female festivalgoers take the stage

Meet the Young Female Festivalgoer.

We call them YFFs for short. This subset of millennials, a population of 18-24 year old women, is instrumental in evolving music festivals and music festival sponsorships today.

To help brands understand these young influencers, GMR has done extensive original research in to the YFF segment—who they are, how they behave, and what they're looking for in a live experience.

The resulting report, Meet the YFF: Young Female Festivalgoers Take the Stage will help brands:

  • Learn about YFFs' likes, interests and values
  • Understand YFFs' behavior, preferences and pain points
  • Identify specific opportunities for authentic brand engagement

To connect with this audience now and as they age, view the report, or download a copy to share.


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