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Music + Money + Miles

Music fans raise the bar on event prep

Attending live events requires investment of time and money. From tickets to transportation to the souvenir t-shirt, it takes resources to find yourself in the audience. As part of our Experiential EQ research, we visited events around the country and asked attendees why they seek out live experiences, especially when there are easier, cheaper entertainment options at home and on demand. 

People were passionate about all event genres, but music stood out. Music fans' willingness to plan, travel and spend far surpassed the other event types—and our expectations. 

Because music events are often multi-day festivals, it's no surprise that people spend money on travel and lodging for the event, but spending was much higher across all categories including ticket cost, concessions and merchandise.

Overall, music fans reported spending more than twice what sports fans spent, and nearly three times that which lifestyle event fans reported spending before and during an event. 

This finding speaks to the importance of music events to the younger set. They typically earn less than their older counterparts, but are willing to spend the same amount on travel, tickets and concessions.

Music events are attended less often than sports and lifestyle events, perhaps because the cost is higher, but also because people travel further and the planning cycle is longer and more complex. We found that people are more likely to attend a music event because of its reputation or lineup vs. attending to celebrate something like a birthday or other special occasion.

Music fans are also much more willing to travel to live events. 31% of those we surveyed said they had traveled more than 200 miles to attend a music event, and 18% said they've made the trip by plane.

About our research: Conceived and powered entirely by GMR Marketing's in-house Strategy team, our proprietary research and analysis come from firsthand interviews, field surveys and online panels of 2000+ experience seekers. Music + Memories, the third report in our EQ series, reveals what music lovers want—on a deeper, human level—from live music events, and how brands can become part of the memories that they take home. 

Read the full Music + Memories report to learn more.



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