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Music + Memories

What fans are really looking for—and how brands can deliver better experiences

Everyone remembers their first concert—the crowd, the venue, the volume, the buzz of anticipation. But our music memories don't just capture the details of a concert or festival. They mark a specific time and place in our lives. 

The recall strength of these emotionally-steeped memories makes music—particularly live music events—an exceptionally powerful vehicle for brand marketing. But the live music landscape is huge. How can brands find their focus? 

Music + Memories: What Fans are Really Looking for and How Brands Can Deliver Better Experiences reveals what music lovers want to take away—on a deeper, human level— from the event itself.

The third piece in our Experiential EQ research collection, Music + Memories is an in-depth look at the emotional needs that drive us to attend live music events, helping brands to deliver experiences that strengthen—and become part of—the key memories that fans take home. 

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