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Olympic Hospitality Programs

Driving business results through innovation and product showcasing

Sponsorship is a powerful vehicle for connecting brands with audiences through shared passion points. Hospitality programs are an opportunity for sponsors to take this shared interest one step further, leveraging sponsorship assets and special access to create highly personalized experiences that differentiate the sponsor from their competitors.

The Olympic Games are the pinnacle of once-in-a-lifetime event experiences. They provide global platforms for innovative brands to showcase their latest technology, products, and service advancements to key customers, prospects and business partners while leveraging the power and emotion of the world’s greatest sporting event.

Innovation is a key differentiator in Games-time hospitality. From Visa to Intel, long-time and new IOC sponsors are using the Olympic Games setting to tell innovative brand stories—from showcasing cutting-edge products and services to reimagining their approach to audience engagement.

Integrating innovation and product showcasing in hospitality programming

In today’s sports and entertainment landscape, brands have to become more innovative in order to earn the attention—and attendance—of C-suite guests. Successful consideration of this audience’s needs means inviting valued guests to a brand experience that is:

  • Enriching: Offer fresh, exciting and different ideas that add value for an audience that’s seen it all. An inspiring, personalized journey with meaningful touchpoints before and during the Games will result in resonant memories afterward.
  • Business-Forward: Proactively address your guests’ business needs and motivations. By putting a business opportunity (such as product showcasing) at the forefront of the plan, you can minimize potential compliance issues for your guests.

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Crafting audience journeys that maximize the Olympic platform

In global hospitality and brand experience, the stakes are never higher—and the potential is never greater—than at the Olympic Games. GMR’s experience has proven the value of comprehensive programming that adheres to the following best practices, with the emphasis and priorities, as always, rooted in the business objectives of the brand.

  • Integrated Programming: Explore every guest touchpoint as an opportunity to showcase a brand’s innovation, from invitations to keepsakes.
  • Collaboration: Consider the potential that can be achieved by the sum of all parts and engage other partners in the Olympic Movement with similar goals.
  • Targeting Business Decision Makers: Provide tools that let this audience have conversations with business leaders about how they can contribute to business impact.
  • Active Participation: Invite attendees to participate in a forum for global thought leadership and be part of the conversations that are shaping the next generation of innovation.
  • Targeting Influencers: Bring them along on the journey, virtually or physically, through a variety of experiences and use of Olympic assets to drive greater awareness for your brand and products.
  • Local Expertise: Don’t let the global nature of the Olympic Games overshadow the local opportunity for enrichment and discovery. Innovative, world-class experiences with local culture are an opportunity that guests will not soon forget.
  • Utilization of Sponsorship Assets: Craft programs with not only the sponsorship assets in mind but also with opportunities for differentiation, innovation and showcasing through as many touchpoints as possible, ensuring the brand gets the most out of their investment. 

The Olympic Games are an incredible platform for immersive and memorable brand storytelling. Sponsors who effectively innovate the guest experience and integrate their products and services into the guest journey (and the Games themselves) are in a position to not just make a positive impression during the experience—but to make a lasting impact on each guest relationship well into the future.


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