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Experiential EQ

GMR’s research reveals the impact of emotion in experiential marketing

Why do we seek out events and experiences? Marketers have traditionally relied heavily on data alone for the answers. But what about the why behind consumers’ actions? GMR’s groundbreaking new research study goes beyond the what and reveals why consumers are drawn to live experiences—and explores how brands can use this understanding of human emotion to augment data-driven marketing. 

We visited live events across North America, from the runway to the rodeo, conducting and analyzing data from more than 2,000 experience seekers, ultimately creating a framework that would help brands connect with fans in a deeper way. We've shared our findings in a series of three reports. 

Experiential EQ: Going Beyond Data to Understand the Power of Emotions in Experiential Marketing 
This report uncovers how to create brand trust through uniquely human moments at live experiences. For brands, the report exposes the need states that consumers look to satisfy through memorable, live experiences. Brands can intensify the significance of live experiences by crafting distinctive memories to satisfy these needs. 

Future-Proofing the Sports Fan Experience: Understanding Why Fans Attend Live sports—and How Younger Fans Are Changing the Game 
Painted faces. Houses divided. Images of tribalism and competition in sports are strong. So, when we researched why people attend, our hypothesis was that fans attend sporting events to revel in the camaraderie, the shared passions, the us vs. them. But it’s not that simple. This report reveals the primary drivers of attendance at sporting events and how they're far more complex than they seem on the surface.

Music + Memories: What Fans are Really Looking for and How Brands Can Deliver Better Experiences
The third piece in our Experiential EQ research collection is an in-depth look at the emotional needs that drive us to attend live music events, revealing what music lovers want to take away—on a deeper, human level—from the event itself. The recall strength of these emotionally-steeped memories makes live music events an exceptionally powerful vehicle for brand marketing. But the live music landscape is huge. How can brands find their focus? 

Our EQ framework gives brands an entry point for satisfying emotional needs—building engagements that drive relevance, spark emotional connection and ultimately stimulate the personal memory making that will influence attendees long after the event is over.



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