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Over Three Decades and Still Going Strong: GMR Marketing

GMR Marketing has undergone a series of positive changes over the last 18 years, explains managing director James Hunt.

"Since 1997 we’ve significantly grown the scale, expertise and capabilities of the agency through a combination of mergers and acquisitions.

"We now have more people delivering a broader range of services for our clients from more locations than ever before, and as the marketing industry continues to globalise and our clients require more complex strategic solutions we hope the next 18 years are even better than the last," he explains. 

Hunt notes GMR’s ability to withstand the test of time is a reflection of the agency’s commitment to its philosophy.

"Our approach hasn’t changed over the years, staying in tune with consumers’ passions has allowed us to grow the business through good old fashioned, long-standing client relationships, helping our clients connect again and again," he says.

Social media and other digital channels have prompted the industry’s growth and, most notably, the rise of experiential events, explains Hunt.

"The authenticity of a live brand experience really resonates with the modern consumer and, by leveraging the rich and often personalised content generated at events, they are more willing to engage, share and advocate brands within their networks.

"It’s a powerful way of shifting awareness, advocacy and long term behaviour, meaning experiential now sits firmly as part of the marketing mix."

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