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Stop Asian Hate.

We stand unequivocally against acts of hatred, violence, and bigotry toward Asian American and Pacific Islanders. Our AAPI employees, clients, partners, friends, and neighbors are valuable members of our communities. Their stories, their experiences, and their physical and emotional safety matter. Discrimination against them in any form is unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.

We are all responsible for ending hate. At GMR, one of our core agency values is Collaboration. This calls us to build a culture of understanding, of empathy, and of meaningful support and allyship. As we discuss race with our teams and our clients, we’re intentionally amplifying AAPI voices, maintaining our focus on education, education, education, and working relentlessly to root out bias.

To learn more, this resource roundup from Student Voice is a great place to start, and to provide direct support, consider GoFundMe’s AAPI Community Fund.

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