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Sweet Like Honey: On the Road with the Bayer Bee Care Tour

Think about the last time you enjoyed your morning cup of coffee or some guacamole and chips. Now imagine those moments without coffee beans or avocados.

That’s the proposition Bayer Crop Science poses to consumers and agricultural professionals as part of its Bee Care Program. Bees play a vital role in our agricultural system (including the coffee and avocado plants), making their care and protection critical to the future of our planet’s food security.

GMR helped Bayer bring the message of bee health to ag students at five different universities this spring with its Bayer Bee Care Tour. Partnering with our colleagues at Porter Novelli and BBDO on the campaign, we designed and built the tour’s traveling footprint.

This included educational panels, an interactive ‘honey comb’ for Q&A, a full beekeeper outfit for photo ops, and a live bee colony. Visitors could use a flashlight to find the queen bee herself, and in several markets, local beekeepers were on hand for honey tastings.

The experience culminated in visitors pledging their commitment to become “Champions for Bee Health.” The most famous champion of all? Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, who visited the Bayer Bee Tour on its stop at the Commodity Classic in Kissimmee, Florida.

GMR was proud to partner with Porter Novelli and BBDO to bring Bayer Crop Science’s message of bee health to life this past spring.

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