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Unmasking Differences

Shared crisis. Different experiences. How brands can connect.

Of everything COVID-19 has disrupted, the most important for marketers is also the hardest to grasp: the psyche of our audiences. The pandemic has shifted people’s habits and priorities, their values and goals, their hopes and their fears—all things you need to understand, really understand, if you want your brand to connect with them in any meaningful way.   

Unmasking Differences is new research from GMR that helps you do exactly that. We surveyed people across the United States to unpack how they are experiencing this moment in time. What’s keeping them up at night. And what they need—really need—to help brands develop more nuanced, personal strategies.    

In this report you’ll find: 

• Macro trends & in-depth profiles dissecting sentiments across gender, race and age cohorts 

• Emotional drivers impacting each audience set 

• What experiences people miss most, and why 

• How brands can help improve each audience’s experience 

Cultural intimacy and audience insight have never been more important. The fallout from COVID may a global phenomenon, but we’re all experiencing it in different ways. GMR is here to help your brand dig deeper, and build connections that make a meaningful, lasting impact.

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