Gary Reynolds


In 1979, Gary Reynolds was an aspiring musician with a bright idea. At a time when the notion of sponsorship was all but confined to the world of sports, he envisioned creating a grassroots network of brand ambassadors out of the emerging artists who played in the bars that he frequented. The idea became a reality when Miller Brewing Company hired him to create the Miller Band Network. GMR was born, and the marketing world was introduced to a new discipline—experiential marketing.

The Miller Band Network spanned 18 years, 125,000 events and 300 different artists. Over three decades after its inception, Gary's commitment to innovation lives on. Propelled by his entrepreneurial spirit, GMR hasn't just grown into an agency that connects brands and consumers around the world, but an incubator for new ideas, industries, technology and creative marketing solutions. To this day, Gary never misses an opportunity to roll up his sleeves and venture into new territory.