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Humana // Bring the Parks to You

Using VR to bring national parks to seniors

For 100 years, national parks have been an amazing resource for staying healthy. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a national park. As a sponsor of the National Parks Foundation, Humana sought to solve this problem and launched a program called “Bring the Parks to You.”

GMR partnered with Humana to bring national parks experiences to seniors right in their hometowns, as motivation to start a healthy journey in any park, nationally or locally.

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The program delivered a fresh, interactive experience with two iconic parks, Yosemite National Park and Joshua Tree National Park, via 360 degree virtual reality (VR). GMR-produced 360 degree content allowed seniors to truly immerse themselves in a starry night, experience a snowshoe expedition through the woods or simply marvel at the beauty of a waterfall – all while learning about the incredible health advantages of spending time in our nation’s parks.

The program garnered positive media attention, toured the country for three months and encouraged social media sharing using #StartWithHealthy.

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