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Lowe's Studio

Interactive lounge shines at Austin City Limits Festival

GMR has been Lowe’s Home Improvement’s sports and entertainment agency of record for 15+ years. Until recently, the vast majority of Lowe’s sponsorship spending has been in sports—primarily around NASCAR and NCAA.

So, when Lowe’s focus shifted to Millennial and Hispanic consumers, the brand trusted GMR to lead a research and insights initiative to determine how to best reach these audiences. The result? Music festivals.

For the iconic Austin City Limits Music Festival, GMR created the “Lowe’s Studio”—a DIY-inspired respite designed to authentically integrate Lowe’s into the music festival experience while providing fans with a dynamic environment to chill or explore. The functional hangout spot offered shade, comfortable seating and free Wi-Fi for festivalgoers.

2017 Experience Design & Technology Awards

Best Overall Consumer Event Environment, Silver 

Best Outdoor Environment, Bronze

2017 Field Marketing & Brand Experience Awards

Sponsorship Activation

The core engagement featured live one-of-a-kind artist performances in Lowe’s Studio. These storyteller-esque sessions featured the artists discussing their creative process and inspirations, and gave fans an intimate experience with artists who would later play for crowds of 20,000+. GMR created unique partnerships with Shazam, media partners and artists—all designed to engage the target in organic ways.

When musical guests were not on stage, foot traffic stayed consistently heavy with fans clamoring to try the other exciting attractions at the Studio, including the interactive Rhythm of Paint, which allowed fans to show off their drumming skills through a stunning colored paint and lights display. Fans could also jump on the stage and experience the spotlight in Lowe’s 180° Photo Capture, developed by GMR’s digital team. They received a Lowe’s Studio branded gif which they could then share on social media.

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