Esports Marketing: Start with the Consumer

New research sheds light on enigmatic esports players and fans

Esports is a revolution and has helped to evolve the modern definition of “sports.” Yet even the most experienced strategic marketers have questions about the appropriate approach to eSports—how to impact and derive value from the gaming ecosystem.

GMR has answers to those challenges. We have conducted an in-depth proprietary study to shed light on enigmatic esports players and fans. Written by subject matter experts Dave Rosenberg and Matt Hill, GMR’s report, Esports Marketing: Start with the Consumer, pairs that original research with brand insights and recommendations drawn from our 15+ years of gaming experience.

Our report will help brands understand:

  • Which brands can be successful in the gaming space
  • How to approach specific target demographics
  • How to identify the most effective marketing tactics within esports
  • How to establish a strategic partnership and activation plan
  • And more

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Photo courtesy of ESL

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