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GMR Announces Tyson Webber as 3rd CEO in Agency's History

Today, GMR Marketing announced a transition in leadership, as Tyson Webber becomes the third CEO in the agency’s 40-plus year history. Webber, who has served as GMR’s President since January 2016, is succeeding Cameron Parsons, who became GMR CEO in January 2015 and will now step into an elevated leadership role across multiple Omnicom Experiential Group agencies, including The Story House and TRO...


Environmental Sustainability: A Better Business & Planet

As California dries out after being battered by the most significant rainfall in more than 150 years, and ski hills in Switzerland are forced to shut down mid-winter due to having no snow, we are once again faced with the harsh realities of climate change. Brands have an obligation to consider their impact on the planet and leverage their role in the global community, the strength of their voice, ...


My FIFA World Cup experience in Qatar - A paradoxical juxtaposition

I’m just off the plane from my fifth FIFA World Cup. While my thoughts and emotions are fresh, I wanted to share my on-the-ground observations with you...


Blockchain and Brands at the FIFA World Cup

Passion points like sports and entertainment are great ways for brands to interact with mass audiences and build recognition. Global football has led the evolution of strategic collaborations that have formed world-class experiences, especially with emerging technology. While several brands and sports properties are showcasing NFT projects and other collaborations with blockchain, the fall of FTX ...


Community Impact in a Virtual World

At the start of 2022, GMR launched our Agency Experience Councils (AECs) – groups that impact the culture of GMR and drive advancements in the StoryMaker experience across wellness, sustainability, community, and connection. When we set out to establish our corporate social responsibility strategy, we knew that community involvement in a virtual world would be more important than ever before. It ...


The Guest at the Center

Brands look at live events as a platform for forging strong bonds with their audience. Live experiences are a powerful way to create sticky memories, but they need to be distinctive. Futuristic technology is often thrown around as the solution to creating something spectacular and, logic goes, unique. However, uniqueness is a factor of how tailored an experience is to its guests, and how it makes ...


Gaming Gets High Scores with University Students

College students are young, innovative individuals who represent the most forward-thinking target group. The challenge for brands is that the college student is a moving target and, even with insights about how they spend their time, it can be difficult to deliver marketing results. Gaming provides a platform that utilizes a variety of college marketing mediums to support a brand: social events, c...



Nothing brings out our StoryMakers’ competitive sides quite like the FIFA World Cup. With 12 Men’s and Women’s World Cups under our belt, the start of a new tournament feels like an appropriate time to check in with GMR’s global football experts to start stirring the pot, so to speak. Over the next month, you’ll hear from many of these individuals on our LinkedIn page and website, discussing topi...