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Female Fans + Festivals

5 ways for brands to connect

At SXSW 2017, GMR hosted the panel “What Young Women Want from Music Festivals,” exploring marketing challenges at festivals and ways for brands to connect with young female fans (YFFs).

Jackie Woo, Director of Global Sports + Entertainment Consulting at GMR, moderated the panel, which included concert promoter Karly Tuckness from C3 Presents, talent manager Dan Kruchkow from Crush Music, and young female festivalgoer Mason Endres who attends UT Austin.

The group discussed the evolution of music festivals and ways for brands to make their mark with YFFs. Here are five things brands can do to connect with the female fan, according to the panel.

1. Be knowledgeable.

“Young women are more vocal, socially, about what they want to see and what they want to see changed and that’s why we felt it was important to tell their story.” – Jackie

 Know what female fans need in order to find an authentic connecting point.

2. Be committed.

“You have to look at other ways to make fans and brands want to be at your event specifically.” – Karly

The festival is more than the few days that you’re on the ground. Show your commitment to music and the fans by building continuous programming.

3. Be generous.

“Brands are getting savvy about standing out in a crowded market.” – Karly

 Everyone loves free swag, especially unique one-of-a-kind or personalized items.

4. Be engaged.

“Brands have a lot of opportunities to continue the conversation, so it would be cool to see them get involved to continue the fan experience.” – Mason

The festival is a place to start a conversation about shared passions. Continue it after the event is over.

5. Be memorable.

In terms of artists and brands at festivals, everything’s got to be organic and real, or else there aren’t any real winners in it. It’s important to make sure that everyone’s getting something out of it, otherwise it’s going to sit in the corner and gather dust.” – Dan

Do your homework. Fans know when they’re being marketed to. Facilitate memories by doing something that’s never been done before or solving a major pain point.

Want to learn more about engaging the young female fan? Our report, "Meet the YFF: Young Female Festivalgoers Take the Stage" provides insight into one of today’s most instrumental forces evolving music festivals and sponsorships.

Female fans are changing the festival landscape.

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