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GMR’s research reveals how event goers share experiences

As we uncovered in our Experiential EQ research, event goers seek out experiences that satisfy deep, human needs. And when people attend an event, they aren’t just seeking to have these needs met for the days or hours the event is underway. They’re building memories—lasting memories that they will share with others long after the event is over. 

People seek out the memories they want to make. And although memories are inherently personal, people love sharing their favorites. This is good news for marketers. Not only will attendees associate a brand with a memory in their own minds, but they’re likely to tell someone else about an awesome brand experience at an event, as well.

We talked to more than 2,000 event goers around the U.S.—here's how they said they would be sharing their experiences:

Word of mouth: We found that the average attendee shares their experience in person with 30 other people. Broken down by event type, sports fans tell 35, music fans tell 25 and lifestyle fans tell 19 people via word of mouth.

Social media: 85% of attendees share their event experience on social. Music fans are the most likely to post, but also skew younger which could contribute to their social media dominance.

If you can associate your brand with a powerful enough memory—like events that people are passionate about, and the experiences that set them apart—attendees will enthusiastically share their memories for weeks, months and even years after. Learn more about making this connection in our report, Experiential EQ: Going Beyond Data to Understand the Power of Emotions in Experiential Marketing.


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