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Stadium Naming Rights + Age

An investment in young sports fans

As our naming rights research has shown, younger sports fans (ages 18-34) are perhaps the first generation of true sports marketing natives. Born in the 80’s and 90’s, this cohort only knows of a time when sports sponsorships were already an integral part of the marketing mix for non-endemic brands.

Think of the classic McDonald’s ad with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird playing a game of H-O-R-S-E for a Big Mac, or even the now-instant association of Pepsi with the Super Bowl halftime show. The success of these partnerships, and others like them, illustrate how well non-endemic brands have woven their brand’s story into sports narratives and planted the seed of their brand into the lives of young fans.

Stadium naming rights have achieved the same impact.

Born into an era saturated with shoe deals and Gatorade commercials, young sports fans aren’t just brand acceptors, but brand emulators. They’re actually 35% more likely than the general population of sports fans to actively seek out brands associated with their favorite players, teams and leagues.

That trend aligns with our findings specific to the effects of stadium naming rights deals.

Our research finds that sports fans 18-34 years old are statistically more likely to have positive feelings toward naming rights than those over 35. What’s more—they’re also more likely to consider purchasing a product or service from these sponsors.

If naming rights can have this deep of an impact on fans, sponsors should look to quantify beyond basic metrics (impressions, awareness) and look toward increases in brand equity and purchase consideration.

Want to know more? Talk to one of our experts about a comprehensive sponsorship approach that's right for your brand.


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