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The Brandemic Study
COVID-19 Confirms the Power of Experience

From essentials to entertainment, we wanted to understand the shifting roles brands play during a global pandemic. So, we asked people: “What brands have become more prominent or meaningful during your COVID-19 experience?”

Experiential EQ
Going beyond data to understand emotions in experiential marketing 

Experiential EQ exposes the need states that consumers look to satisfy through memorable, live experiences. We outline the EQ framework, helping brands craft distinctive memories to satisfy these needs. 

Future-Proofing the Sports Fan Experience
Understanding why fans attend live sports—and how younger fans are changing the game

Future-Proofing the Sports Fan Experience explores how the sports landscape is changing and gives insight into how to create experiences that align with what today’s fans are actually looking for.


Music + Memories
What fans are really looking for—and how brands can deliver better experiences 

Music + Memories is an in-depth look at the emotional needs that drive us to attend live music events, helping brands to deliver experiences that strengthen—and become part of—the key memories that fans take home. 

Purpose to the People
How Brand Purpose + Experiential Builds More Meaningful Connections

Brand love is not a direct output of showing up with clever creative and a generous budget. It’s not guaranteed by a viral video or an influencer endorsement. Brand love is earned. And it’s earned by building meaningful, memorable connections with people on a human level.

Esports Marketing: Start with the Consumer
GMR's research sheds light on enigmatic esports players and fans

Esports is a revolution and has helped to evolve the modern definition of “sports.” Yet even the most experienced strategic marketers have questions about the appropriate approach to Esports—how to impact and derive value from the gaming ecosystem. We have answers to those challenges.

Meet the YFF
Young Female Festivalgoers Take the Stage

Meet the Young Female Festivalgoer. We call them YFFs for short. This subset of millennials, a population of 18-24 year old women, is instrumental in evolving music festivals and music festival sponsorships today. To help brands understand these young influencers, GMR has done extensive original research in to the YFF segment—who they are, how they behave, and what they're looking for in a live experience.



The Brandemic Study

COVID-19 Confirms the Power of Experience

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