The Work

NFL Mexico City Game

Honoring Mexico's vibrant culture through décor

For the third year, GMR partnered with the NFL to develop a visual identity for the Mexico Game that brings the passion and local culture of Mexico City to life. For the 2019 game, we set out to reach a massive and diverse audience through design, focusing on the passion and excitement of fans in Mexico as the NFL continues to grow its fan base in countries across the world. GMR developed the visual identity, produced all assets and designed all creative event décor (interior and exterior) in support of this momentous game.

The décor honored the bright, bold vibrancy of Mexican culture, past and present, while reflecting the shared passion for American Football. Massive banners adorned the entire exterior of the historic Estadio Azteca and fan plaza, with unprecedented graphics standing out among the crowds within the interior stadium bowl. Team-specific branding was integrated throughout the look and feel which was concentrated heaviest within the team locker rooms—giving the teams a memorable experience they will carry with them throughout the season.

Put our award-winning experiential team to work

In all, we developed close to 250 décor elements, showcased in front of nearly 80,000 attendees and extending to more than 20 million incredibly dedicated Hispanic NFL fans across Mexico. We successfully brought to life the NFL’s brand voice outside of the United States, across multiple partners and platforms, with a focus on elevating the fan experience at every turn.


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