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Comcast University: I CAN

GMR and XFINITY deliver powerfully positive ‘I CAN’ campaign

If you’ve ever watched the nightly news or any movie that’s set on a college campus, you’ve probably witnessed all the same stereotypes that give college students a bad rap: they’re lazy, they’re glued to their phones, and all they care about is partying.

Well, guess what? GMR’s research and insights team proved that those stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our findings consistently showed that today’s college students are driven, aspirational and empowered.

So, to help celebrate that sense of optimism and ambition, GMR worked together with XFINITY to launch the brand’s ‘I CAN’ campaign at college campuses across the country. The on-campus event experience engaged students, while striving to channel this aspiration and showcase how students can use XFINITY as a tool to achieve their goals.

From mobile billboards and printed pieces to on-campus activations and online audio/video spots, our integrated campaign brought the power of positivity directly to students and showed them the different ways XFINITY TV and Internet can help fuel dreams of any size.


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